Image Popup Previewer Add-on for CS-Cart

Image Previewer for CS-CartImage Popup Previewer CS-Cart module is released. The module is specially designed for CS-Cart shopping cart software, that allows you to preview a full-size (detailed) image of any products in popup window on all CS-Cart product listings, including sideboxes, hot deals banner, featured product listings and etc. The add-on has the setting parameters (re-sizing feature, popup behavior, images preloading in background and etc.) in the admin section of CS-Cart.

Features of the previewer module:

  • Flexible Image Popup Previewer addon
  • Fully managed through the CS-Cart admin area
  • Major browsers compatible (Internet Explorer 7+, Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari)
  • No CS-Cart core and template files modified during the creation of the add-on. The module is installed as an add-on to the software and can be removed at any time.
  • Hooks based CS-Cart addon
  • Admin setting parameters (re-sizing feature, behavior and etc.)
  • Easy to install
  • Instructions included

 Admin Settings

You can edit settings of the module via “Administration -> Add-ons” section of the CS-Cart admin area by clicking to the “Image Popup Previewer” name in the add-ons list. All the necessary descriptions of the settings are included. The picture below represents the settings of the module:

Admin Settings

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