Zen Cart Design

The article describes the ways of creating new design for Zen Cart and parts of custom Zen Cart design creation process.

Main part of the reliable online store is its appearance. The more professional looking design you have, the more customers will trust your store. As results, you can increase your sales by improving your Zen Cart design completely or just revising some of your elements of the store.

Zen Cart Design With Using Ready-made Templates

One of the first way to design Zen Cart fast with minimum effort and spending money is to use ready-made Zen Cart designs as known as Zen Cart themes. This way of design online store with Zen Cart begins from USD 30-70 and maximum to USD 90-140 including the installation service. Also there are a lot of free Zen Cart designs which you can download absolutely free and start as a basic from them.

By installing some must have modules (you can find them on our site) and setting up payment method, you will get complete Zen Cart store which is ready for selling.


Unique Zen Cart Design Service

Another way is to use custom Zen Cart design service. This type of work contains several parts inside the design project task and the cost is much higher (starting from USD 800-1000).

The first part of the creating a custom design for Zen Cart is creating sketches of necessary Zen Cart pages in some graphic editor. We use Photoshop for this purpose for creating PSD sketches with layers to show all the new designed elements on Zen Cart.  When the sketches are ready, we show them to our customer for reviewing.

After the customer approves the sketches, there starts a second part of Zen Cart design creation task – design integration part. During this works, all the sketches are implemented to Zen Cart exactly as they look on sketches. The more closest integration  is, the more professional design service is.

Hope I explained the process of designing in a clear way and the information will help to understand all the steps and variants.

You can always use our Zen Cart Design service and use our ready made Zen Cart themes.

Some examples of designs for Zen Cart:

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